Thursday, March 18, 2010

Behavioural Based Leadership

Leadership is behavioural - not a position!  The person at the top of an organisation may be a poor leader.  They may occupy the top job and command decisions, but this does not mean they are a GOOD leader.  A real leader is a person who has WILLING followers.  People want to help them because they are inspired by them and respect them as a person.

To become a leader of great standing requires a history of proven performance where your stewardship and demonstrated actions have served other well.  A leader of such standing shows a complex understanding of responsibility and can read other's behaviours to the point where they know what is best for them (even if their followers are not consciously aware of why).  They seem wise and have a mature set of behavioural capabilities that carry them well in times of crisis.

The model above lists 20 behaviour based capabilities that a great leader would be expected to have.  Perhaps not all well developed, but they would be aware of which need further development and what they need to do, experience or learn to achieve this improvement.  Capable behavioural leaders care about their own development as well as the development of those who follow them.  they have an adaptable style which shows visionary action orientation (Eagle), wise mentoring (Owl), collaborative engagement (Bee), the ability to take command if appropriate such as in a crisis (Lion) all supported by a philanthropic foundation.  The have an inherent ability to read the situation and quickly adjust their style to optimise the outcomes for "their people".  I have met a few such leaders, but they are few and far between.  Have you met any? 

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